Report: Hospitals Paid CEO Millions While Laying Off Thousands

June 10, 2020

Despite having received billions in emergency funds through the CARES Act, some of the nation’s top hospital systems have been laying off thousands while paying their top executives millions, The New York Times reports.

The New York Times combed through tax and securities filings by the top 60 hospital systems in the country. In total, the systems received more than $15 billion in emergency funds via the CARES Act.

HCA Healthcare, to name just one, received roughly $1 billion through the stimulus package.

“HCA is among a long list of deep-pocketed health care companies that have received billions of dollars in taxpayer funds but are laying off or cutting the pay of tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and lower-paid workers,” the report states.

To read the full report by The New York Times, click here. (Paid subscription required)

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