Realizing the Potential of Digital Measures in the Shift Towards Value-based Care

November 21, 2023

The shift towards value-based care in healthcare has renewed interest in using digital measures such as indicators of physical activity or cognitive decline. While there is some skepticism about the value of these digital measures, consensus is emerging that these could provide valuable insights when used alongside traditional clinical measurements. Digital standards can offer more specificity and high-resolution data compared to conventional questionnaires and provide helpful context information about a patient’s health, an essential feature in value-based care. However, integrating data from various sources represents a significant challenge and digital measures must be thoroughly validated through research. Although operational challenges persist, digital endpoints are increasingly used in clinical research. They may become integral to outcomes evaluation in healthcare in the future, aiding in delivering more effective and value-driven care.

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[Source: Pharmaphorum, November 21st, 2023]

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