Real-World Evidence Studies: Checking it Once, Checking it Twice…

December 9, 2014

By now, either through posts on this tHEORetically Speaking blog, the official blog of HealthEconomics.Com, or through your own personal experience, it is apparent that real world evidence (RWE) is a hefty subject to tackle. Synthesizing evidence into something meaningful that meets the needs of the 5 Ps – Pharma, Payers, Providers, Patients, and Policy-Makers, as well as any other pertinent stakeholder, is no small task. Add to that the fact that this is real world evidence –  and not your run-of-the-mill clinical data where everything is carefully planned and controlled for – and you have a potential recipe for disaster!  So how do you navigate the waters and keep your boat headed in the right direction?

The first place to start is by attending the first ever virtual summit on RWE being held THIS THURSDAY (Dec. 11, 2014 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET; for more information and to register for this FREE summit, visit  The Summit is entirely virtual…meaning you can attend from anywhere on the globe, as long as you have an internet connection. Join us by clicking on the graphic below.

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ship      Amy Smalarz, President of Strategic Market Insight, will discuss the tools you need for successfully navigating the RWE boat. Specifically, Amy will describe how she has helped otherschecklist structure and maximize their RWE. Amy has developed her own RWE Checklist for Success that she will share with the audience (and even allow for audience feedback- after all, we  are all in this together!). This Checklist will visually present how to ensure the correct stakeholders have been incorporated and included. It will also provide a map to use throughout the  RWE process, to make sure the proper stakeholders are engaged at the right time, and detail just how exactly they should be engaged. RWE doesn’t happen overnight, and it shouldn’t  be an afterthought. Amy will highlight the importance of having discussions around RWE before project development.

How do you make this happen? Amy knows, and she will discuss strategies to facilitate conversations among the key players to get things moving and plans in place before moving forward. Recognizing that not all projects are created equal, the Checklist allows the user to customize the tool so that it meets the needs of individual projects.

Like everything else in life (including clinical trials), RWE is an evolving process. Amy will share her stories on how she sees things evolving, and what this may mean for RWE. You won’t want to miss out on this Virtual Summit (virtual = you can participate from the comfort of your office or home!) this Thursday. It’s not too late to register for this meeting (did we mention it is FREE, and more than 300+ of your colleagues have already signed up??? Learn how others are successfully navigating the RWE waters, and how to use your Checklist for success to charter your own boat!

Join us on December 11th at this free, day-long Virtual event and find out!   See you Thursday!!!


More about the Speakers

amysmalarz Amy Smalarz, PhD, is President of Strategic Market Insight.  Amy has a PhD in Social Policy and Health Services Research from Brandeis University. She also has a Masters in Health Care Administration from Simmons College and BA in Biology and Sociology from Brandeis University.  She has worked for various payer groups and consulting/data analytics companies conducting HEOR and Market Access research for more than 13 years.  Awards and honors include the Tom Crossman Prize for Public Policy (Simmons College, 2002), the best paper based on a dissertation (Academy of Management, Health Care Division, 2006) and being an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Fellow (Brandeis University, 2002 – 2005).


This blog posting was written by Meg Franklin, PharmD, PhD, Owner and President Franklin Pharmaceutical Consulting, LLC, on behalf of HealthEconomics.Com. Dr. Franklin may be reached at or

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