PRMA Consulting Senior Advisor Discusses the Four Pillars of Market Access and New Pharma Trends

October 13, 2021

Senior Advisor, Asia-Pacific at PRMA Consulting Jeff Weisel shared an update to his previous article detailing the four strategic pillars of market access. Major healthcare trends, such as expensive novel gene therapies, digital healthcare, and wearables have all changed the pharma landscape. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on major pressure points, such as drug pricing and access decisions.

“Payers around the world are struggling to cope with pressures from aging populations and epidemics in chronic diseases and cancer as well as financial and political constraints on budgets. The COVID-19 pandemic has put further strain on healthcare systems and brought communicable diseases back to the top of government agendas. The key question then centers on the sustainability of a model based on small populations and higher prices.” Read more here.

(Source: Jeff Weisel, tHEORetically Speaking – HealthEconomics.Com Blog, 10/21)

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