Policy Changes to Health Technology Assessment Process Reshape Market Access in South Korea

August 26, 2020

South Korea’s healthcare landscape has been constantly evolving since the passage of important legislation 20 years ago. However, concern remains about patients’ future ability to obtain access to therapy. The rising costs of therapies has resulted in 20 percent annual growth in the total amount spent by insurance in South Korea from 1990 to 2005. Although progress has been made with the healthcare system and the health technology assessment (HTA) process, criticism of the system and appraisal process of therapies has grown over the years. If pharmaceutical manufacturers wish to obtain market access in south Korea, they must prepare early for the HTA process. Read more here.

(Source: Gittings K, Campbell D. 20 years after the national health insurance act, HTA policy changes reshape market access in South Korea. HTA Quarterly. Fall 2020)

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