Podcast Q&A: Understanding Health Care Decision Maker Preferences for Optimized Engagement

June 23, 2022

This podcast segment from ICON’s June 23, 2022 webinar features the Q&A with panel participants as they discussed best practices and preferences for information sharing with health care decision makers.



If you do not see the embedded media player above, access the podcast episode here.



In this webinar, you will learn what surveyed healthcare decision-makers from 56 payer organizations and 45 institutions preferences are related to meetings and gathering product information and hear live payer perspectives of these results from a former medical director and pharmacy director. Earlene Biggs, MA, VP of Market Research and Analytics at ICON Market Access and Reimbursement shares findings of the survey alongside payer experts, Gary Owens, MD, former VP of Medical Management and Policy, and Renee Fleming, RPh, MBA, former VP of Pharmacy Services, both having 20+ years of health plan experience in medical and pharmacy management.

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