Podcast Q&A: Making HEOR More Accessible to Patients

November 29, 2022

This podcast segment features the Q&A from OPEN Health’s October 13, 2022 webinar and features an expert panel, including Danielle Drachmann, Josie Godfrey, Kristine Sorensen, Beth Lesher, Kelly McCarrier, and Gavin Jones as they answer questions on how to improve health literacy and the understandability of the HEOR process to enable effective partnerships, as well as to assist patients to participate in shared decision making with their physicians.



If you do not see the embedded media player above, access the podcast episode here.



As patients are becoming more involved in their health care outcomes and data, improved and accessible communications are increasingly needed. OPEN Health’s Gavin Jones, the moderator of this panel, highlights the four main domains of HEOR that are important to consider when communicating with patient communities: (1) having an underlying intent to improve patient outcomes, (2) ensuring patient involvement at every step of the process, (3) taking inspiration from what matters most to the patients and their families, and (4) ensuring that stakeholders are informed of the results in a way that is understandable to them.

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