Podcast Q&A: Evidence Generation Planning

August 18, 2022

This podcast segment from Syneos Health’s July 26, 2022 webinar features the Q&A with Colin Oliver, Anila Dede, Erwin De Cock, and Arshi Gupta as they answer questions on evidence generation planning for clinical and commercial success and improvement of patient outcomes.



If you do not see the embedded media player above, access the podcast episode here.



Innovative new treatments with the potential to improve patients’ lives face unprecedented obstacles, including greater complexity and cost, more stringent evidence requirements to secure patient access beyond regulatory approval, a greater diversity of stakeholders and decision-makers, and competition for share of voice.

Through illustrative case studies and expert panel discussion, this session uncovers how integrated evidence generation planning – beginning early in the product development lifecycle – can optimize an asset’s value story, and lead to greater clinical and commercial success and improved patient outcomes.


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