Podcast Q&A: An Introduction to Infectious Disease Modeling

November 22, 2022

This podcast segment from ICON’s September 29, 2022 webinar features the Q&A with Marija Zivkovic-Gojovic, Richard Pitman, and Pragya Khurana as they answer questions on infectious disease modeling, the assessment of interventions, and the challenges around these analyses.



If you do not see the embedded media player above, access the podcast episode here.



The nature of communicable diseases results in unique epidemiological characteristics that must be accounted for when considering the epidemiological, clinical, and economic consequences of interventions that modify transmission. These interventions clearly include vaccines, but also drug treatments that may reduce the duration of infectiousness.

This webinar outlines the unique epidemiological characteristics of communicable diseases and demonstrates how correctly accounting for these in clinical and economic assessments of interventions can capture the full value of these interventions. Some of the challenges faced when performing these analyses are also addressed.


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