[Podcast] Co-pay Cards, Co-pay Accumulators, and Co-pay Maximizers

October 2, 2020

Join president and CEO of AscellaHealth LLC Dea Belazi, PharmD, MPH for a discussion of game theory as he contrasts co-pay cards offered by pharma companies and co-pay accumulators and co-pay maximizers deployed by health plans. Points of discussion include:


  • PBM’s and the concept of co-pay accumulators.
  • Game theory: Do I spend it now? Do I spend it later?
  • Mechanisms for payers to push down additional costs.
  • How co-pay maximizers are different from co-pay accumulators.
  • The effect of patient advocacy groups.
  • What are the main challenges facing employers right now?

Listen to the full podcast here.

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