[Podcast] A Prescription for Fair Drug Pricing

November 3, 2020

ICER has announced the launch of a new podcast series entitled “A Prescription for Fair Drug Pricing.” In this series ICER’s President Dr. Steve Pearson sits with neurologist Dr. Jason Crowell as they try to better understand and unpack the financial and ethical tensions underpinning the US healthcare system. They will tackle the issues of why prescription medications are so expensive in the US, the hard choices patients are forced to make when they cannot afford drugs, and how other countries make data-driven decisions on drug efficacy and pricing.

In the first episode of the series ‘Financial Toxicity’, Dr. Pearson and Crowell discuss how sky-high drug prices and barriers to access harm patients. A further topic of discussion includes the broader societal effects of rising insurance premiums and taxes. Access the podcast here.

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