Pharma’s Top 20 Companies by Revenue in 2021

April 12, 2022

Several top pharma companies saw massive gains in 2021, with some manufacturer’s drugs hitting record sales. Companies producing COVID-related products experienced particular revenue growth, with Pfizer leading the pack. This jettisoned it to the number two spot, while Johnson & Johnson held onto its lead as #1. No company on the list had a revenue decline, with only two experiencing less than 5% growth. This stands in contrast with 2020.

According to Kevin Dunleavy of Fierce Pharma, “In 2020, six companies in the top 20 saw a revenue drop. Only two had an increase greater than 10%, with those companies’ gains due almost entirely to major acquisitions. Bristol Myers Squibb’s sales grew 63% thanks to its purchase of Celgene, while AbbVie’s revenue gain of 38% was chalked up to its Allergan buy.”

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(Source: Fierce Pharma, April 12th, 2022)

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