Pfizer Seeks Judgment Favoring Proposed Patient-assistance Programs

October 21, 2020

If Pfizer wins their lawsuit against the U.S. government, Medicare stands to spend much, much more on some drugs. Pfizer is seeking a judgment favoring proposed patient-assistance programs (PAPs) that allow it to help cover copays for many Medicare beneficiaries on Vyndaqual/Vyndamax (tafamidis). Mirroring Regeneron’s defense in August, Pfizer is arguing that the PAP restrictions unfairly infringe on the company’s First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. If Pzier gets their way, they will get the green light on two types of PAP: one that directly covers tafamidis copays through copay cards or coupons and the other would fund an independent charity that would give copay assistance to patients. The court’s decision in the case could come early next year.

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