PBM Gets Ready for Congressional Investigations

November 29, 2022

The pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industry is preparing for increased scrutiny from members of the US Congress. Politico recently spoke with JC Scott, CEO and President of the industry’s main lobbying group, the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, about the industry’s plans going forward. A key sticking point at the moment is the drug pricing reform in the Democrat’s Inflation Reduction Act.

According to Scott, “What we would hope is, as they identify the criteria for which drugs are going to be subject to negotiation — as they identify the process to off-ramp those drugs back to the private market system — that we can make sure that the off-ramp is relatively expeditious and that the criteria are truly targeting those drugs where there’s no competition, and which we would think would be the sort of the root of the problem that they’re trying to get at.”

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(Source: Politico, November 29th, 2022)

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