Payer Engagement Summit Videos on RWD Now Available

February 24, 2021

ISPOR held its first Payer Engagement Summit in 2020 to discuss the issues facing payers worldwide. The Summit featured discussions regarding the use of RWD (real world data). Payers face unique challenges when considering the use of RWD. Invited speakers included Fran Cunningham of the US Department of Veteran Affairs and Sebastian Schneeweiss of Harvard Medical School. Recordings of Summit discussions are now available.

“One of the biggest challenges payers face today is the impact of innovative, new therapies for diseases with unmet-needs, such as oncological and rare diseases. These novel therapies are highly effective for a proportion of patients but often are costly compared to current therapies; they usually require new dosage regimens (1 or 2 doses) that often increase patient compliance but also front load all of the cost to the beginning of care. This creates strain on healthcare system budgets, raising affordability and equity issues, and creating a great deal of uncertainty for assessment bodies and payers.” Learn more here.

(Source: ISPOR, 2021)

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