Paxlovid Not on China’s Reimbursement List

January 10, 2023

As the nation phases out its zero-COVID strategy following major protests, China’s National Healthcare Security Administration has left Pfizer’s Paxlovid off its reimbursement list. This comes as cases spike in the nation, with many patients purchasing the drug off the internet through India. However, other COVID drugs did make the cut.

According to Huizhong Wu, “Health care policymakers can leverage bulk purchases to lower prices in negotiations with pharmaceutical companies that, in turn, can net a steady source of revenue. A drug must be included on the reimbursement list to be covered by the national insurance scheme. China will include two other COVID-19 drugs, the Chinese-made antiviral Azvudine and the Chinese herbal blend medicine Qingfei Paidu Granules, the National Healthcare Security Administration said in a statement Sunday.”

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(Source: AP News, January 10th, 2023)

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