Patient Centricity—Exploring the Patient Dynamic From Different Perspectives

September 23, 2020

Previously, the culture of clinical research was primarily directed by researchers. Now it is increasingly driven by the needs of patients and caretakers. Early in 2020, ICON invited several distinguished speakers to discuss dynamics of patient centricity in clinical research: Avril Daly, Vice President of EURORDIS (Patient Advocacy), Professor Orla Hardimann, Consultant Neurologist (Clinical Investigator) Dr. Anthony Yanni, Astellas Pharma (Pharmaceutical Executive). Topics covered included:

  • Getting to grips with patient centricity
  • Establishing and maintaining patient connection – patient engagement
  • Improving access to trials and patient awareness of clinical research as a care option
  • Decentralised and hybrid trials to overcome structural barriers
  • Vision for the future

Read the full summary here.

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