Optimizing Clinical Trials for Greater Payer Acceptance and Enhanced Patient Access

October 12, 2023

Biopharma manufacturers face challenges in conveying the clinical value of their medicines to payers due to restrictions in promotional messaging, secretive drug evaluations, and dominating rebate negotiations. Pivotal trials that effectively show value to payers are seen as a solution. Despite advances in trial designs, many launches fail to secure optimal patient access, leading to poor commercial performance. Often, payers implement market access restrictions if they perceive insufficient value from clinical trials. In order to secure patient access and bolster commercial success, the strategy includes embedding a patient access mindset throughout the company, leveraging payer drug evaluators’ insights, designing trials considering patient access interests, and demonstrating the total value to payers. Incorporating payer insights in trial designs can aid in successful drug launches and enhance patient access.

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[Source: Pharmaceutical Executive, October 12th, 2023]

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