[On-demand Webinar] Avalere 2021 Healthcare Industry Outlook

January 11, 2021

The accelerated changes and increased uncertainties in healthcare brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021, and its impacts are likely to shape healthcare for years to come. While prevalent uncertainty is a given, the broad outline of a new era is already emerging. More than ever, careful examination of healthcare stakeholder’s business models, policy developments, and data will be essential to arrive at accurate assessments of the future state. Our experts engaged in a live discussion covering critical issues facing healthcare leaders and strategies for clearing the path.

Key Topics:

  • Navigating the post-election policy landscape, including the COVID-19 pandemic, health disparities, drug pricing, and access to healthcare coverage
  • Addressing patient affordability, drug pricing, the role of Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
  • Using data and innovative care models to address healthcare disparities, public health issues, and the consequences of delayed and deferred care
  • Understanding the emerging COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics marketplace and the role of the Food & Drug Administration

Access webinar here.

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