NIH Statement on Improving Equity; Francis Collins Announces UNITE Initiative to Address Structural Racism in Biomedical Science

March 8, 2021

Dr. John Denny, CEO of the NIH’s All of Us Research Program, released a statement on how the NIH is seeking to improve diversity and equity. The core mission is to address systemic transgressions that have led many populations and people being excluded or profoundly harmed by research programs. NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins recently announced a new initiative termed UNITE that will focus on ending structural racism within the biomedical science community.

Dr. Collins remarked, “NIH is committed to instituting new ways to support diversity, equity, and inclusion, and identifying and dismantling any policies and practices that may harm our workforce and our science.” Read more here.

(Source: Dr. Josh Denny, NIH, 3/5/21)

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