NICE Updates Methods for Health Technology Evaluations

December 18, 2020

On November 6, 2020, NICE published a summary of its proposed changes to health technology evaluation methods.

NICE periodically assesses its methods to optimize the process and ensure it can support rapid access to clinically- and cost-effective technologies. Within the scope of this process, NICE is considering only updates to its methods for evaluating health technologies, highly specialized technologies, medical technologies, and diagnostics.

This process is separated into two parts:

  • Determine if there is a case for changing the current evidence and considerations affecting the methods for evaluations (a process which is under consultation until December 18, 2020); and
  • Taking into account feedback from stakeholders, “develop a structured decision-making framework, and include the changes in an updated program manual.”

Click here for a summary of the key takeaways from this list of suggested changes to NICE’s evaluation methods.


(Source: Ashley Jaksa, M.P.H., Vice President, Science, Aetion; 12/18/20)

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