NICE Seeks to Simplify Selection Process for Drug and Medical Device Evaluation

October 9, 2020

NICE is seeking public input on changing  the process it uses to selects the topics it develops guidance on. The process clarifies the criteria that qualify a device or diagnostic for NICE guidance. These criteria include how the device or diagnostic will impact the healthcare system. This approach would provide a clearer and simpler process by moving away from the 15 criteria currently used to select topics for evaluation by NICE’s Centre for Health Technology Evaluation.

Helen Knight, programme director for Technology Appraisals and Highly Specialised Technologies at NICE, said: “Topic selection plays an important role in the development of NICE guidance and is designed to ensure that the guidance we produce is on topics that support healthcare professionals and others to provide care of the best possible quality.These proposals will ensure we can continue to meet these ambitions at a time of unprecedented change in the healthcare system.” Read more here.

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