New Survey Aims to Find Solutions to Most Pressing Pandemic Challenges

September 10, 2020

COVID-19 has drastically changed the healthcare landscape, leaving many in crisis mode wondering how to best handle this new reality.  In situations like these, information can be incredibly empowering. That is why Doubletwist Solutions Epizyme, Inc.  would like to request your participation in a short 10 minute survey of regulatory professionals, to help provide something of value to the entire industry and to give companies the opportunity to make more informed decisions. The goal of the survey is to share high quality results with the pharmaceutical industry on an international scale, so the quality of this survey depends on a high participation rate. Therefore, your participation would be greatly appreciated!

The results of this survey will be shared on RAPS and other industry associations and groups in about two weeks. While the basic survey results will be available to the public generally, those who participate will be given special, additional information, including a more detailed breakdown of the results. Participants in the survey will receive a link to a forum that has the detailed summaries of the respondents, which will go into detail on the responders’ thoughts and suggestions on (i) how to better handle the current situation, and (ii) moving forward. Members of the forum can also comment and reply to gain further insights as we continue to deal with the current situation and implement strategies as we transition to going back to work. Many thanks for your participation! Access the survey here.


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