New Startup Launches Platform to Simplify Telehealth Insurance Verification Process

March 16, 2023

The new startup Opkit, formed by two former Brex software engineers, has launched a new platform to simplify the process of insurance verification for telehealth services. Currently, the process is slowed down by the need to accept insurance from across state line and the mish-mash of different systems currently in use that require significant manual input from clinics.

According to Heather Landi, Opkit’s platform consists of two main components: a web dashboard that allows users to load-in, verify and track patient insurance coverage manually and a JSON REST API that can be used by engineering teams to perform insurance verification programmatically. Through the company’s technology, the insurance verification process can be performed in seconds and with just a few clicks, as opposed to taking an hour or more in a tedious process involving multiple apps, spreadsheets, and often phone calls, executives said. The company connects to hundreds of insurance carriers across the country. “”

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(Source: Fierce Healthcare, March 13, 2023)

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