New Podcast: Health Affairs Pathways

January 28, 2022

Health Affairs has launched their new Health Affairs Pathways podcast. The podcast explores the ins and outs of the healthcare system in many engaging formats. Each series is created by fellows of the Health Affairs Podcast Fellowship Program, which empowers early to mid-career professionals to tell the health care stories they want to share. The first series, by Lalita Abhyankar, MD MHS, shows the impact of health care consolidation on independent primary care.

According to Health Affairs, “The second, upcoming season – titled While We Wait – joins Avni Kulkarni and Sania Ali as they examine mental health boarding and its inefficiencies. Kulkarni and Ali review the policies and events that got us to where we are today.”

Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

(Source: Health Affairs, January 26th, 2022)

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