Most Large Medicaid Managed Care Plans Plan Around Health Equity

November 8, 2022

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation released results from its fifth annual “Medicaid Health Plan Survey, ” revealing that 83% of larger Medicaid managed care plans had some strategy in place, compared to one-third of smaller plans. The data, which comes from nearly all US states, shows that most plans account for race and ethnicity in equity strategies.

According to Rylee Wilson, “Most plans — 71 percent — tracked quality data by race and ethnicity, and another 43 percent tracked member experience and satisfaction by race and ethnicity. Of the plans surveyed, 38 percent evaluated clinical algorithms, policies or risk prediction models for racial bias. Of these plans, 88 percent changed these algorithms or policies in response to the evaluations.”

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(Source: Becker’s Payer Issues, November 7th, 2022)

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