Medtronic’s Inceptiv System: A New Auto-Adjusting Spinal Cord Stimulator Receives EU Approval

August 28, 2023

Medtronic has developed a spinal cord stimulator called the Inceptiv system, which alleviates discomfort caused by movements shifting the position of standard systems. The system automatically adjusts to movements, removing the need for users to alter their therapy according to their actions. When user movements change the stimulator’s proximity to the nerves, Inceptiv responds by adjusting its output, avoiding an uncomfortable surge in nerve stimulation. According to Medtronic, a survey found that 90% of participants preferred Inceptiv’s auto-adjusting system to fixed-output stimulators. The device has received EU approval but awaits FDA approval. The device, which is 6mm wide, rechargeable, and safe for MRI scans, is expected to launch in the EU soon.

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[Source: Fierce Biotech, August 28th, 2023]

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