Major Hospitals Join Legal Battle Over High Generic Drug Prices

July 6, 2023

The Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, and around 150 other hospitals have joined other care centers in suing major drug manufacturers over inflated prices for generic medications. The lawsuit alleges that drugmakers like Pfizer, Sandoz, and Teva have illegally collaborated for over a decade to keep generic drug prices high.

According to Christian Berthelsen and Patrick Cooley, “The case follows similar claims made by more than 40 state attorneys general, pharmacy chains and other purchasers, as well as investigations by state and federal government agencies, Congress and the Justice Department. The move by the hospitals has the potential to add legal firepower to a group of pending cases that have been combined in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The hospital case also names companies as defendants that were not targeted in the previous lawsuits.”

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(Source: The Messenger, July 5th, 2023)

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