Looking to the Future of AI in Healthcare

July 3, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being incorporated into every aspect of society, including healthcare. From diagnostics to reimbursement, AI is taking a foothold in healthcare and medicine from drug development to the clinic. However, significant barriers to realizing the potential of the technology still remain.

According to Bertalan Meskó, “The first barrier is that healthcare is not open to tech innovation. There’s a lack of money across the whole sector, meaning there’s no money available for innovation. Healthcare has never been designed to be open to tech innovation. The next barrier is the people working in the system – we are the bottleneck of adoption – we don’t like change. And the final barrier is the fear of the unknown, which in this case is automation in the form of AI.”

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(Source: PM Live, July 3, 2023)

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