Lilly Partners with Prime Therapeutics: How Next Generation Value-based Arrangements Put Patients First

July 28, 2020

Value-based arrangements (VBA) are increasingly used, although most medicines are paid based on volume of product purchased or cost per unit.  Lilly believes the price of medicines should be linked more directly to patient outcomes.  In a partnership with Prime Therapeutics, the organizations explored what next generation VBAs look like, and how they can put patients front and center.

VBAs can deliver greater value to patients if they incorporate patient-focused value metrics to explicitly reflect value to patients; reduce out-of-pocket costs through VBID, pass-through rebates, or other solutions; incorporate care management and support services that increase access and adherence; and, facilitate clinical improvement through VBA-enabled data sharing to drive more accurate prescribing.

“Above all, improvements to VBAs require that the ‘value’ represents value to patients and reflect improvements in meaningful clinical outcomes and quality of life metrics,” said Erin Huntington, Lilly senior director, PRA strategy & marketing.

Read more here. To access white paper, click here.

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