Joshua Boger Takes Chair at CervoMed, Eyes Potential Breakthrough in Dementia Treatment with Neflamapimod

February 7, 2024

Joshua Boger, the former CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, has selectively accepted a new role as chair of CervoMed. This company piqued his interest with its development of neflamapimod for dementia. Neflamapimod, initially developed by Vertex for a different purpose, targets a kinase called p38α and has shown promise in Phase II trials, particularly for patients with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) without Alzheimer’s disease markers. Despite challenges, including a modest company valuation and the difficulty of attracting big-name investors due to the history of failures in Alzheimer’s disease research, Boger’s involvement highlights his belief in the drug’s potential. CervoMed, which he has supported financially since its founding by John Alam and Sylvie Grégoire in 2014, aims to redefine success in neurodegenerative disease treatment by focusing on restoring function rather than just slowing decline. The company now focuses on “pure DLB” patients in its ongoing studies, with results expected in the second half of 2024.

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[Source: Endpoints, February 7th, 2024]

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