Jens Gruger Outlines Vision For ISPOR

September 8, 2020

Jens Gruger assumed the role of President of ISPOR writing: “I have assumed my role as President of ISPOR at the beginning of July, at a time when the daily number of people newly infected with COVID-19 has reached new highs, with more than 12 million people infected and more than half a million deaths globally. I want to thank you all for the trust that you put in me to lead ISPOR during these challenging times.” In outlining his vision for ISPOR, Gruger emphasized 3 key areas:

  1. Ensuring HEOR methods and procedures are keeping pace with the move towards an increased people-centric focus on health and well-being, new and more complex healthcare technologies, and the availability of vast sources of digital data and advanced analytics.
  2. Taking a truly global perspective to ensure that HEOR information leads to better decisions about healthcare.
  3. Strengthening the leadership pipeline and providing a clear path for the talented people that come to ISPOR to engage in society and become the future leaders of the organization.

Gruger went on to say, “All of us coming together in ISPOR are passionate about informing better decisions to improve health outcomes for people around the world in a way that is financially sustainable. We need to optimize the use of resources to drive innovation and eliminate redundancies to deal with catastrophic events.” Read more here.

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