ISMPP Releases Results of Poll on Marketing Scenario

March 4, 2021

The ISMPP recently published the results of a poll asking respondents how they might respond to a scenario where a marketing colleague seeks to sit in on a strategic data meeting with the respondent’s medical colleagues. Nearly 75% of the 115 participants decided to maintain their meeting format, but to discuss matters separately with the marketing colleague.

Dr. Eric Wong of ISMPP notes, “Medical publication policies and guidelines offer a framework for best practices, but there may be situations when more than one approach seems reasonable. The primary purpose of “What Would You Do?” is to explore examples of such situations. With the limited information provided to interpret the scenarios, you may find yourself agreeing with one, more than one, or none of the proposed actions. And that’s the point ‒ you should debate, contemplate, and communicate (with a comment) before selecting your “best” answer.” Read more here.

(Source: Eric Wong, The Map Newsletter, 3/3/21)

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