IQWiG: Patient Registry Data can be Used in Benefit Assessments

January 29, 2020

High-quality data from patient registries can be utilized for added benefit assessments for new drugs, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) suggests in a new report.

“Extensive analyses of the methodological literature and intensive discussions with registry operators and external statisticians have led us to the conclusion that, in the case of high-quality patient registries, it is possible to base studies on these registries that use the routine practice data collected either with or without randomization,” IQWiG Director Jürgen Windeler said.

According to a Regulatory Affairs Prfoessionals Society (RAPS) report, the organization says electronic health records and claims data should not be used in the same manner.

To read more on RAPS, click here.

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