Integration of Digital Targeting in Addressable TV: Implications for Healthcare Marketers

September 29, 2023

Addressable TV—which uses digital targeting and measurements for television advertisements—is changing the marketing landscape. It allows healthcare marketers to reach specific audiences with high precision, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. During a panel discussion, industry leaders discussed how custom digital audiences can extend to addressable TV.

One of the critical points of discussion was the measureability of addressable TV, as it allows marketers to optimize campaigns for cost per patient, audience quality, and other key performance indicators in near real-time. The panelists also noted the benefits of access to health data, which can help create more personalized, effective advertisements for patients and caregivers on shared devices.

However, the media ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented. Streaming has now surpassed linear TV, so advertisers must consider different dynamics and platforms to reach their target audience. Marketers need to strategically buy an audience instead of just impressions and understand how their campaigns perform across various partners and platforms.

Overall, the panelists agreed it’s essential to connect all data sources from planning to optimization and impact measurement, continually evolve plans and strategies, and ensure they all tie together. They concluded that starting with data and proving effectiveness through measurable results is essential to success in the evolving addressable TV landscape.

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[Source: MM+M, September 29th, 2023]

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