Inovalon Launches Saas Solution for Converged Risk Assessment and Quality Measurement Analytics

March 7, 2022

Inovalon has announced the launch of the industry’s first Saas solution for risk adjustment analytics and quality measurement analytics, Inovalon Converged Risk Analytics. The software gives health plans access to these crucial analytics in a unified Saas platform to resolve care needs for members in a unified platform. This provides another layer of data access and analysis for customers that currently use Inovalon’s QSI-XL clinical quality analytics solution.

According to an Inovalon press release, “As a result of both risk and quality analytics being undertaken in one integrated solution, health plans avoid otherwise duplicate data integration and operating expenses; achieve a more comprehensive view of each patient and their unique, often complex care needs; and achieve a more integrated, efficient, and effective intervention plan. Health plans using the converged solution can more quickly achieve superior clinical quality and risk score accuracy goals while saving up to 20% of program costs through the avoidance of duplicate, inefficient, or unnecessary operation and intervention costs.”

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(Source: Inovalon, March 7th, 2022)

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