Inflation Reduction Act Could’ve Saved Medicare Billions from 2018 to 2020

February 1, 2023

A recently published study in JAMA Health Forum investigated the potential impact of the drug pricing legislation within the US Democrat’s flagship Inflation Reduction Act had it been implemented in 2018. According to the analysis, had the legislation been in place at the time, Medicare would have saved $26.5B over 2018-2020.

According to Paul Schloesser, “The group’s findings reflect another study on the IRA that came out earlier in 2023 — also from Kesselheim, Rome and Egilman. That study said the Inflation Reduction Act would have saved Medicare Part B $3.7 billion in the same three years, about 3% of its total spending during that time.”

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(Source: Endpoints News, January 30th, 2023)

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