ICER Recommends Major Price Reductions for New Sickle Cell Drugs

February 3, 2020

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) in a draft report recommended significant price cuts for two sickle cell disease drugs to be cost-effective, FiercePharma reports.

In its report, ICER recommended a roughly 90-percent cut for GBT’s Oxbryta to bring the cost from $84,000 a year to $9,218 a year. The drug pricing watchdog recommended Novartis’s Adakveo drop to $25,410 a year from $88,000 annually.

Novartis disputed ICER’s findings, according to the FiercePharma report, and a GBT spokesperson called the review “flawed” and “premature.”

To read the full report on FiercePharma click here.

Click here to read ICER’s report.

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