ICER Publishes Annual Hit List of 10 Drugs With Unsupported Price Hikes

November 16, 2021

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has released its most recent report on Unsupported Price Increases (UPIs) for 2020. The prescription drugs included on the list increased in net price without sufficient clinical justification and led to an additional $1.67 billion in healthcare costs.

ICER Chief Medical Officer David Rind remarks, “While prescription drugs continue to arrive in the US with increasingly high launch prices — often not aligned with those therapies’ ability to improve patients’ lives — year-over-year price increases have slowed considerably since ICER began issuing these UPI reports,” adding, “However, there remain many high-cost brand drugs that continue to experience annual price hikes, even after accounting for their rebates. The most extreme of these is Humira, with an ever-escalating US price that contrasts starkly to its falling price in every country where Humira currently faces biosimilar competition.” Read more here.

(Source: ICER, 11/16/21)

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