Reducing Market Access Risk: How Digital Technology is Strengthening Strategies

May 11, 2020

PRMA Consulting Product Owner of Digital Applications Dr. William Grandy in a recent tHEORetically Speaking blog post outlines how PRMA Healthcheck works to address key challenges when developing market access strategies.

The interview was the fourth installment of a five-part series by HealthEconomics.Com LLC CEO and HE Institute Principal Researcher Patti Peeples.

PRMA Healthcheck, Grandy says, ultimately “gives companies a single shared vision across markets while retaining local market specificity.”

“The PRMA Healthcheck helps our clients to consider the clinical development program and supporting evidence generation activities through the lens of multiple payers,” he tells Peeples. “It provides a single, robust, systematic framework for all teams to use, which results in information that is more consistent and easier to navigate.”

To read the full interview on tHEORetically Speaking, the official blog of HealthEconomics.Com LLC, click here.

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