Higher Suicide Risk Among Health Care Workers, Especially Women: Study Reveals

September 26, 2023

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that health care workers, particularly registered nurses, health technicians and support workers, have a significantly higher risk of suicide than the general population. This is the first study to encompass all roles within the health care sector, not just physicians. Despite controlling for education and income levels, the study found health care support workers are almost twice as likely to die of suicide. The rate of suicide for these health care workers varied from 15.6 to 21 per 100,000, compared to the general non-medical workers’ rate of 12.6 per 100,000. Moreover, female health care workers have a 50% higher suicide risk than other women. Researchers call for a more detailed investigation to understand the contributing factors and develop solutions.

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[Source: STAT, September 26th, 2023]

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