High-Value Care Every Time: Recommendations From The National Quality Task Force

July 30, 2020

To address the high-cost, low-value healthcare dilemma in the United States, the National Quality Forum (NQF) launched the National Quality Task Force in 2019. The Task Force sought to address systemic limitations and define actionable opportunities to improve delivery system alignment, so that every person in every community consistently receives high-value care by 2030. The Task Force’s report, The Care We Need: Driving Better Health Outcomes for People and Communities, affirmed two key points:

  1. The IOM Aims remain fundamental
  2. Quality can and must be measured

To read more about the conclusions from the Task Force, click here.

(Source:  D’Avena A, Agrawal S, Kizer K, Health Affairs, July 30, 2020)

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