HealthVerity Conversation Provides Insight Into Pharma, RWE, Payers, and COVID-19

March 24, 2021

Jared Saul, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at AWS, discusses the healthcare industry with Andrew Goldberg, Co-founder and COO of HealthVerity. Goldberg notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up many industry-wide trends, such as the inclusion of RWE (real world evidence) and RWD (real world data). He also notes challenges, even within one organization, in accessing multiple datasets to draw informative conclusions.

According to Andrew Goldberg, “The scariest part of COVID-19 was that there was no history on it—nobody knew how it affected people with underlying conditions, and you couldn’t just leverage data that was six months old because the lag was unacceptable. Today, HealthVerity is a significant data and technology partner to four of the top five COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers in the world.” He adds, “Data does not exist by itself and for itself. In our opinion, it really needs to become part of the workflow of the way pharma and insurance companies go to market. Everybody wants to be a data-driven company, but that means you’re receiving data all the time and it’s built into the way you go to market. Most companies lack the software needed to embed that data as part of their workflows.” Read more here.

(Source: HealthVerity, 2021)

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