GPI Supplier Spotlight

March 14, 2022

Supplier Spotlight® highlights the unique skill sets and service offerings from organizations who are part of our CONNECTED COMMUNITY™. Below is an interview with Global Pricing Innovations (GPI) whose vison and goal is to support industry and payers in achieving a sustainable balance between pricing of medicines and patient access through the use of data-driven, evidenced-based strategies, analytics and technology innovation.

What is your company’s mission?

At GPI, our goal is to support industry and payers in achieving a sustainable balance between the pricing of medicines and patient access through the use of data-driven, evidenced-based strategies, analytics and technology innovation.

Our mission is to disrupt the way medicines are brought to market to create sustainable access for all. The life-science industry is experiencing huge transformation, and our goal is to play a pivotal part in that transformation, supporting the industry in driving change. Everything we do at GPI is centred around our four core values: Collaboration, Quality Matters, Sustainability and Authenticity.

What products and services do you offer?

GPI pulse™ 2.0 – a dynamic analytics platform for value, price, and market access insight. Using powerful algorithms to combine multiple data streams in a way that will give you unique insight into the market access journey. Clients can also access our data through GPI connect, API integration.

GPI horizon – agile value-based price forecasting. A state-of-the-art tool that powers pricing strategy, strategic value assessment and scenario planning, promoting efficiencies and empowered decisions.

GPI consulting – pricing and market access strategy development, offering a unique approach to P&MA consultancy, creating innovative and data-driven solutions for the biopharma industry.

What problems do you solve?

We work across the biopharma industry to solve delays in providing patient access to critical therapies, due to misalignment with payers on value demonstration, in relation to price. By helping to solve these problems, we help to ensure a greater return on investment for bipharma companies.

What are the most innovative tools and technologies that you offer?

GPI pulse™ Data Analytics Platform.

GPI pulse™ provides unmatched breadth and depth of data provisions, from policy to pricing and access. Supplying coverage of over 90 markets, the data and analytics from GPI pulse™ offers superior granularity, including differing price types across the value chain, standardised HTA decisions across countries and drugs, as well as industry-leading COT data.

GPI horizon – value assessment and price forecasting tool.

Pricing research during early-stage development can optimize the path to market access, and our dynamic, agile tool is a robust foundation to empower strategic P&MA decision making from early-stage development and beyond.

What are your competitive advantages?

  1. Dynamic data with focus on the future

We build our products and datasets with a future lens of the P&MA landscape.

  1. Collaborative & quick to adapt

Our product development incorporates input from our partners, clients and industry advisors and built to be agile

  1. Quality, transparency, and granularity

Quality is one of our core values and we take pride in providing data analytics that power strategic decisions

  1. Purpose built for analytics

We combine multiple streams of information with gold standard processing, into a relational database that is used for powerful insights

Who are your clients?

GPI service a range of clients from across the pharma landscape, including global pricing and market access teams, new product planning and commercial strategy teams.

Our clients form an array of organisations from the industry and we work with companies of all sizes, including top-tier pharma to biotech.

What new products and services are you developing in 2021/22?

GPI horizon platform. Our agile value assessment and price forecasting tool will soon be available to clients through our innovative platform. The horizon methodology is award-winning, and this next step will empower strategic decision-making, faster, through direct client access. GPI horizon will still be delivered through custom built platform, or through our consulting services, should clients need further assistance, analysis and in-depth strategic insights. In addition, we will soon be leveraging AI technology to discover real world pricing trends to guide decisions and minimise risk across portfolios.

Where are your laboratories and/or offices located?

Mayfair, London – UK

Cambridge – UK

Mumbai – India

How has HealthEconomics.Com helped your business?

HealthEconomics has provided us with a platform to communicate with our partners, clients and potential clients. We have a wealth of price and market access industry knowledge, from our data analytics platform and expert team of pharmacists.

HealthEconomics offers the opportunity to present our content, provide key information to the industry, and showcase how our unique suite of technological and service-based solutions can optimise price and market access decision-making.

Our partnership allows clients to see the value in our analytics and insights, helping us on our mission to support the Industry In achieving sustainable, balanced price and market access strategies.

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