Giri, Patel: Tough Road Ahead for Payers in Post-COVID Landscape

June 18, 2020

A recent article published in Managed Healthcare Executive looks at several key challenges payers will have to face in the post-COVID landscape.

CitiusTech’s Suman Giri and Shitang Patel suggest skyrocketing unemployment rates will be a significant hurdle for payers, with some 50 million Americans expected to be unemployed by July.

“Payers with multiple revenue streams are likely to be better positioned against such revenue shrinkage, but unfortunately for the remaining payer market, the outcome does not look as promising,” they write. “Liquidity will be the primary concern in the short term, and payers will be focused on cost-cutting initiatives, especially in areas that are deemed automatable or non-essential to direct revenue.”

To read the full article on MHE, click here.

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