From Analysis to Action: Exploring Health Equity with Aletha Maybank

June 22, 2023

In a new interview with Nature, senior vice president and chief health equity officer at the American Medical Association (AMA) Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, speaks about her work analyzing the processes underlying health disparities and how they can be targeted to promote better outcomes in marginalized populations.

According to Maybank, “During one of my two residencies after graduating from the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I was offered a job to start an Office of Minority Health in Suffolk County, New York. I stepped into that role in December 2005 and worked there for three years. My colleagues and I worked to create opportunities to raise awareness of the inequities and disparities that existed in the county, which were often invisible. I committed my time to forming and strengthening our relationships with people from across the county: in schools, community- or faith-based groups, social-service organizations and small businesses, to name a few. We wanted to create spaces of collaboration, trust and partnership. I came to these spaces with no agenda. I wanted to listen to and understand the needs and priorities of the community.”

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(Source: Nature, June 21st, 2023)

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