France’s New Pricing Rules Increase Access to Orphan Drugs

June 24, 2022

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A March 2021 agreement between the Frrench Ministry of Health and the French Pharmaceutical Companies Association has reduced barriers to access to orphan drugs for patients in France, according to an analysis by GlobalData. The agreement set a flat rate payment for orphan therapies that cost over EUR50,000 annually. Prices are based on the average international price of the drug.

According to Anne Charlotte Ackermann the data shows that, “orphan drugs are very likely to benefit from the fast-track pathway and favorable pricing conditions. Orphan drugs often receive a high therapeutic improvement rating. Out of all orphan indications in GlobalData’s database, 5.9% obtained the highest ASMR (I) rating, compared to 0.6% for non-orphan indications. On average, about 30% of orphan indications obtain an ASMR of I to III, 34% obtain an ASMR of IV, and 23% obtain an ASMR of V.”

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(Source: Pharmaceutical Technology, June 23rd, 2022)

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