Forbes: 2022 Economy, Politics, and Drug Pricing Legislation Predictions

January 17, 2022

In a Forbes piece published early this month, Joshua Cohen makes predictions about the economy, politics, and drug pricing reform in 2022. Cohen foresees a slow but steady economic recovery and a slight easing of inflation. He also predicts that the Democrats will cling to their House majority and 50 seats in the Senate. Regarding drug pricing and reimbursement, Cohen projects a less rosy 2022.

According to his article, “For those expecting major changes in 2022 to pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals landscape, they may be disappointed. The most consequential potential change to the drug pricing system – the overhaul of pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) rebates, with attendant 100% pass-through to beneficiaries – won’t happen. The Biden Administration has essentially nixed former President Trump’s executive order calling for a 100% pass-through of rebates. And, PBM rebate reform is not even stipulated in the budget reconciliation bill, or the Build Back Better Act.”

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(Source: Forbes, January 2nd, 2022)

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