Expiration of Temporary Provisions Set to Change Up Insurance Coverage for People Under 65

May 30, 2023

COVID-era policies expanded access to Medicaid and Marketplace plans for millions of people in the US, resulting in the lowest rates of uninsured status ever. However, these policies are set to expire soon, resulting in many people under 65 losing their coverage. In a new Health Affairs article, learn more about the state of insurance coverage of people under 65 years of age and how it’s set to change in the coming decade.

According to the authors, “In this article we describe the estimated distribution of health insurance coverage in 2023 by income group and by race and ethnicity, and we discuss how the expiration of temporary policies affecting Medicaid and Marketplace coverage will reshuffle enrollment during the next few years. Finally, we describe the trends that the CBO is projecting for major coverage categories (including uninsurance) and for health insurance premiums during the coming decade.”

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(Source: Health Affairs, May 24th, 2023)

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