Exclusivity Loss Looms for Ten Key Drugs in 2023

March 17, 2023

As the year marches on, Fierce Pharma takes a look at 10 major drugs facing exclusivity losses in 2023. One of the most notable is Humira, AbbVie’s historically expensive blockbuster, which will face stiff competition from several upcoming biosimilars. Other drugs on the list include J&J’s Stellara, Sanofi’s Aubagio, and Takeda’s Vyvanse.

According to Fierce Pharma, “Takeda has telegraphed a sales hit in tandem with Vyvanse’s tumble over the U.S. patent cliff, though the drugmaker expects ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease drug Entyvio, hereditary angioedema med Takhzyro and other new launches to grow substantially into the end of the decade, offsetting losses of exclusivity, CEO Christophe Weber said on a call with investors last May.”

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(Source: Fierce Pharma, March 13th, 2023)

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